4680 Edison Ave Unit D Colorado Springs, CO 80915 (Just west of Wooten and Platte)

yeshuaWelcome to the Sha’arey Tzion Web Site. We are a Messianic Congregation in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We invite you to come worship the God of our Lord and Messiah Yeshua with us.Our mission is to encourage a Messiah filled Torah pursuant life for Jewish and God Fearing followers of Yeshua (Jesus).Please visit our 5 pillars for more information. Whether you have been a part of a messianic community in the past, new to the messianic experience, or just curious, please come spent a Shabbat with us and see what we are about. 
The services will begin at 10:30 AM every Shabbat Morning with Shacharit prayers. The prayers can be followed in the Siddur (prayer book). The Siddur is written in Hebrew, transliterated Hebrew, and in English. Certain prayers, and Scripture readings are also recited in Spanish. The Shabbat Torah service begins at 11:30 am followed by a message from the Reb. While attending service modest attire is always encouraged. Men are invited to wear a Kippah/Yalmuka (head covering) and Tallit (Prayer Shawl) which are available in the back of the sanctuary. A lace head covering for women is also provided, but not required. These traditional garments are worn as a sign of respect toward God. Our services contain different elements of traditional Jewish liturgy, praise and worship in music and dance, and a message. Afterwords we will have a time of fellowship and a small lunch. You may bring a dish if you would like, we request only that it would be dairy and parve (no meat) and nothing that needs to be heated. If you have any questions or prayer requests, please contact Reb Jimmy at 573-0380 or thegatesofzion@hotmail.comPlease Visit our Youtube site for recent Shabbat Messages and classes from the Discipleship Academy at SHAAREY TZION YOUTUBE SITEYou can also visit our Mussar Blog Site at…MY MUSSAR BLOG


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