God and Freedom

History records the creation of a brand new society only twice. Once in the Bible in the book of Exodus with the formation of the Jewish nation, the second time was about 229 years ago with the birth of the United States of America.

With both societies GOD was to be the center of our existence. Without GODS mercy and provisions the Jewish people would have died in the wilderness without ever reaching the land promised to their Father Abraham. This is why the first place G-D takes the Jewish people after they are brought out of slavery in Egypt was Mt. Sinai the place were GOD makes a Covenant with all Israel and gives the Jewish people His commandments.

Freedom without order is Chaos.

The founding Fathers understood the basic concept that without GOD as the center of this brand new nation we would fall into obscurity. We have not existed for almost 229 years and become the most powerful nation on the planet because of our own intellectual might and strength, but because GOD is faithful to honor the covenant He made we each and every person who sought the face of GOD when the Declaration of Independence was written.

After 40 years of wandering in the wilderness GOD issues a warning to Israel that as they enter into the land of promise and begin to work the soil they were to never forget that it is not of the works of their hands that they prosper but the works of the hands of GOD. It did not take long for Israel to become complacent and prideful at the works of their hands and neglected to need GOD, so to have we become complacent in this country at the works of our hands.

Is it any surprise that right as we tell GOD he is no longer wanted in our schools that we begin to take away the basics freedoms enjoyed by man? To take away life from the most innocent and defenseless amongst us?

Each and every person on the face of this earth is born with inalienable rights given to him by the Creator. Neither by man nor government but by GOD. If we remove G-D from the center of this great nation than we remove our freedoms. Without G-D our right are only given to us by government and man and those rights will exists only as long as the governing authorities are willing to recognize them. But if our rights and freedoms are GOD given than no man can ever take them away; but those rights exist only as long as we recognize GOD as King.

 Every Passover we sing a song of thanksgiving unto GOD called Dieynu, it would have been enough. In this song we are reminded that it would have been enough had G-D only brought us out of Egypt and never brought us to Sinai, It would have been enough had

GOD brought us to Mt. Sinai and not feed us Manna from heaven. It would have been enough had GOD brought us manna from heaven but not brought us to the land of promise, it would have been enough had GOD brought us to the land of promise but not brought us salvation in His Son. But GOD decided it was enough when He hung on the execution stake and said those precious words “it is finished.”

Let us remember that it would have been enough had GOD brought us to the New World but not brought us freedom from Britain. It would have been enough had we been given our freedom from Britain but never abolished slavery, It would have been enough had we abolished slavery but never became the most powerful nation the world has ever known. All that we have is a gift from GOD. It would have been enough.

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