Prayer and Worship

Prayer and worship is an essential component of the body of Sha’arey Tzion. For Jewish followers of Messiah Yeshua prayer and worship is not something that happens in synagogue once a week. It is an integral part of our everyday life. We believe it is important for followers of Messiah Yeshua to continually be reminded of G-D’s presence and relationship with Him throughout the day. In today’s fast pace mobile world, most do not see the need for regular prayer. “I pray when I feel the need to”. This approach overlooks one of the greatest purposes of prayer. We pray to increase our awareness of G-D in our lives and the role He plays in it.The most important point that the Sages express in terms of prayer is the need for “kavanah” meaning “direction of the heart”. Prayers should be an earnest seeking of a relationship with the creator of the universe. Prayer in the form of liturgy, song, recitation of psalms, or unscripted words of expression must be filled with our very being.

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