About Da’at Hashem Hebrew Academy

Da’at Hashem is a non-profit religious educational institute, affiliated with Sha’arey Tzion Messianic Synagogue in Colorado Springs, CO. and Four Corners Messianic Fellowship in Aztec, NM.

Location and Contact
4680 Edison Ave Unit D Colorado Springs CO, 80915
Email us at dhhacademy@yahoo.com or call us at (719) 573-0380
For those who are unable to join us on site you can join us by Skype. Please contact us at the above email for more information.

Why Attend Da’at Hashem?
To receive a quality Messianic Jewish Education.
To Prepare for Messianic Jewish Ministry.
To have your ministry certified and recognized by Sha’arey Tzion.
Most importantly, to receive training in discipleship.
Children’s Hebrew School
Foundational Education regiment focusing on Biblical and Jewish history, tradition, the Hebrew language, Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation, and most importantly discipleship in Messiah Yeshua.
Simcha Mitzvah
What is a Simcha Mitzvah? Essentially it is an adult level Bar or Bat Mitzvah. This program is designed to prepare adults for their first formal reading of the Torah Scroll. Please go to our Messianic Simcha Mitzvah page for more details.
Certificate Program
This program concentrates on the key elements of Biblical knowledge. It is specifically designed to lay the foundations ofpreparing students as disciples of Messiah Yeshua. Completing the program entitles the student to an academic certificate in Messianic Studies. Upon completion the student may choose to continue their education through our Ministry Apprenticeship Program.
Ministry Apprenticeship Program
This program is designed to prepare future leaders of the Messianic community. An individual or couple who have a gift for teaching, worship, counseling, or liturgy would do well to continue their education through our Ministry Apprenticeship Program.  Completing the program entitles the student to an academic certificate in Messianic Ministry.
Reb James Rittenhouse, Graduate of Beth El Yeshiva and spiritual leader of Sha’arey Tzion Messianic Synagogue.
Reb Aaron Deim, spiritual leader of Four Corners Messianic Fellowship.
Janet Strickland, President of Sha’arey Tzion, Hebrew Instructor.
Jonathan Lane, Elder and music leader at Sha’arey Tzion.

Da’at Hashem is instituted to provide religious training and theological education only. 
Da’at Hashem does not provide any Federally accredited college level degree.
Da’at Hashem does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, or ethnic origin.
Da’at Hashem does not charge a tuition fee for any coursework, however donations to help offset expenses are greatly appreciated.
Students are required to purchase any text books needed for coursework.
Da’at Hashem does not provide a letter grade upon completion of coursework. Coursework is either complete or incomplete.
Da’at Hashem reserves the right to remove any student from admission found to provide false information or has been shown to be a disruption to the class.
It is the practice of Da’at Hashem to hold all records of students in confidence.
Da’at Hashem reserves the right to change coursework requirements without prior notice.
It is the responsibility of the student to check the website for changes.
Da’at Hashem makes no claims, promises or implied warranty regarding the value of our services.
It is up to the student to determine the validity of credits earned.

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