Discipleship School

The Da’at Hashem Hebrew Academy is firmly dedicated to proclaiming the Messiah and His Torah to the Jewish people, the Messianic communities, and within the larger body of Messiah. our goal is to encourage and assist families and leadership in discipleship education through the study of the Jewish foundations of the bible.

The final three commands before our Master was taken to the Fathers side was to go among all of the nations bringing the Good News of salvation, to Immerse all followers of Yeshua, and to make disciples. 

What is a disciple?

Consider the four responsibilities of a disciple as taught by First Fruits of Zion.

1. A disciple is to memorize his master’s teachings.

2. A disciple is to learns his masters traditions and interpretations.

3. A disciple is to imitate his master.

4. When trained a disciple is to raise up new disciples.

 A disciple is a student committed to the spiritual guidance, the life emulation, and the passing on the teachings of a great sage or rabbi. Early in His ministry Yeshua called certain men to be with Him and follow Him. He summoned the twelve to be by His side, so that they might know Him and the ways of righteousness. Through His Spirit, we have been summoned by Him as well. We have been summoned by His side in order that we might know Him as His disciples did and follow along His path of discipleship.

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