About us


Sha’arey Tzion is a family-based, Messianic congregation in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are dedicated to the teachings and instructions of our Master, Messiah Yeshua. In Him do we place our trust for salvation.

If you have not visited a Messianic congregation before, the experience may be a bit of a culture shock. Inclusion of ancient liturgy, Hebrew prayer, ritual dress, and terminology can be somewhat overwhelming. But no worries! We want our visitors to feel comfortable and at ease.  We do not require our visitors be Jewish or have experience in the Jewish faith. We invite all who are seeking for a place to learn about the Jewish heritage of Christianity,  a community to co-serve in the Kingdom of God, find comfort for their souls, or just a warm smile of encouragement.

We are a community of Jews and God Fearers; who have found great value in the traditional Jewish expression of our faith.We follow the Jewish calendar, celebrate the weekly Sabbath, enjoy the Jewish holidays, and participate in Jewish liturgical tradition. 

At Sha’arey Tzion, we believe the Torah is binding and unchanging for the Jewish people. Though God Fearers are not required to keep all aspects of the Torah (particularly commands associated with Jewish identity), in fellowship with those Jewish believers they naturally invited to participate in the Sabbath, community, and Jewish-life along with the Jewish community of faith.


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