Basic Congregational Etiquette

Basic Congregational Etiquette

Please turn off or mute all cell phones or other electronic items that may disrupt the service.

We ask that all men who are called upon to be a part of the Prayer Service wear a kippah.

We ask that women refrain from wearing a tallit or kippah to community events.

For the sake of fellowship we ask that any food brought to a Community event be either dairy or parve, unless otherwise stated.

We ask that all dress be of a modest nature (including neck and hem lines).

For modesty’s sake, women who are worshipping through dance should wear neither form-fitting slacks nor dress, and the dress should extend below the knee.

We ask that men and women wear gender appropriate attire.

Young children and babies are a great joy and are always welcome. If a child is in deep distress, a nursery is available.

We ask that young children sit with a parent or supervising adult until Shabbat School begins (unless they are in the nursery).

If adults are easily distracted by young children and their natural noises, they may be more comfortable sitting in the front of the room. This leaves the rear of the Sanctuary for mothers, young children and babies to use.


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